How can build a career in Javascript?

How can build a career in Javascript?

How can build a career in Javascript? You can build your career in Javascript. It is a very popular scripting language these days. I am writing this article for entry level guys or new students who want to pursue their career in JS.  Let’s talk about it and I believe this article will help them to choose their career.

First of all, if you are new to javascript, you have to learn from basic. It would be better if you have a programming background or familiar with some programming languages like Java, C, C++, PHP etc.

But if you aren’t familiar with such a tech stack, still it is not a very big issue. These are the steps you can move further if you’re a beginner.

How can build a career in Javascript?

What to do?

  1. Learn Javascript
    Read about javascript and start learning small topics. Know how to write code in javascript, print message and do little things in javascript. You can use online editor Codepen ( and also can prefer some online tutorials and videos. Below are some recommendations as references

    You can also join a paid/free javascript course on udemy. Or you can prefer youtube

  2. Learn HTML

    HTML plays the main role in every web scripting language. It is called Hypertext Markup Language. Without it, we can’t display anything in web browser. So you have to read and learn about it and once you have done you will automatically know what the use of HTML and javascript inside this.

  3. Learn Cascade Style Sheet

    We call this as CSS. This also plays the main role in HTML and JS. It does make styling on web pages and I believe you may be familiar with this. With the help of CSS, we can improve our web page look and feel. It can also be used to add animations and many other properties. These days the CSS3 advance version is used with HTML.

  4. Learn About JSON

    No need to learn in deep during learn javascript. Just basic and about JSON is sufficient as a beginner.  Once you start development in javascript, JSON things will be clear automatically.

  5. Do practice Daily

    You know very well, Practice makes perfect. So you have to practice at least until you are confident in javascript. Try to solve the problem of someone who’s stuck on the javascript code, with this, you will be able to build your code base strong and this will be great for you.

What Next?

Now you have knowledge and experiences of javascript. Now you have multiple choices or we can say we have multiple lines in javascript. Javascript plays the main role in the career enhancement of the following:

  • Frontend Developer
  • Backend Developer
  • Mobile App Developer
  • Javascript Game Developer
  • Javascript Engineer

There are adobe options and you can choose one of them and start a career in javascript.

Frontend Developer

Fronted Development is very popular these days. Frontend developer is the one who works on UI (User Interface) of the website/web app and makes them functional. It means UI has roles one for graphic designer and second is frontend developer.

Graphics designer draws or makes UI with the help of graphics tools like Photoshop, Sketch, Illustrator, Corel Draw, etc. Once those UIs are approved. Those UI passed to frontend developer and he makes the UI attractive with HTML, CSS, And Javascript.

He put motion into UI. You can say he makes UI clickable, touch-able, move-able, etc and where he can write, read, update, remove content and things. He makes UI user-friendly where the user easy to operate the application. He creates a responsive app that can adjust automatically into small devices. We can say the frontend is the main part of every app or software.

A lot of career options are available in front-end development. You can easily make a career in frontend development. You can also do front-end development in specific frameworks or libraries like Angular, React, Vuejs, etc. Those are very popular. You can choose one of them and do some practice and start work as a frontend developer.

Backend Developer

Most of dynamic software and website has a backend. By dynamic, it means, which serves data from the database. We can say this is the backbone of any software. Most of the things managed by the backend. For example, if the website has a student registration form and now I want to submit that form. Without backend, the form will be submitted but nothing information will be stored somewhere or passed to the database.  But if there is backend those form inputs also passed to the server and these can be stored to some places like database, file storage, etc.

Now the question arises how can someone pursue a career as a backend developer. The answer is using NodeJS. So you can learn node js and start a career as a backend javascript developer.

You have to know the following:

  • Nodejs
  • Express
  • MongoDB

You can do the following things after becoming a backend developer.

  • You can make APIs for a web app or mobile app
  • You can make dynamic websites
  • Also, create all kinds of backend projects.

Mobile App Developer

I believe you get this right. Who is the mobile app developer? Yes, You are thinking Right. Who makes an application for Android, iPhone, Windows phone. But I think, you don’t know how to make mobile apps. Earlier, the development of Mobile Apps was only possible using native language or platforms. Suppose on that day you want to make an Android app then you have to know Java language and for iPhone, you have to know Objective-C or Swift and for window, you have to know C#.

But today it is possible to make native mobile apps with one language for cross-platform. You are right, we are talking about javascript. So obviously that one and only language javascript which makes it possible to write a single code to develop apps for cross mobile OS and I would like to recommend React native.

React Native is an open-source mobile application framework created by Facebook. This is a great framework where you can make a native mobile application for android, ios and windows mobile phones and I think you have a great opportunity to become a Mobile app developer in javascript. If you miss any previous opportunity then you can re-think about this and start a career into them.

Javascript Game Developer

Javascript also provides a good option for desktop and web games. In the market, we have lots of game frameworks that are built using javascript. We can build a 2d and 3d game with the help of some javascript libraries like phaser, melonjs etc.

If you are a great thinker and have a great vision then you have to start a career as a game developer. You can start first with javascript and then can learn advanced Javascript for 2D and 3D javascript library into your game.

Javascript Engineer

I think this is has a major role in javascript development. Because the engineer knows all things about his creations. He has a good vision. So he can obviously develop something awesome and interesting.

As a javascript engineer, you can also think bigger to create a new one in javascript. You can give a contribution to the javascript community and popular frameworks and libraries. You can also join a great and open source community and put some continuation on it.

Moreover, you can also create a large application in javascript. You have an open hand you can do all things in javascript. I think this is the best choice if you have the freedom to choose any options.

So now you can think and choose what multiple things we can do in javascript as we have many options and opportunities in javascript development. So don’t wait and start your career in javascript. Let’s grow up. All the Best!  

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