Learn Basic Javascript Tutorial – Part 1

Learn Basic Javascript Tutorial – Part 1

This is the first tutorial of basic javascript. In this tutorial, I will cover the following topics

  • Introduction to Javascript
  • Code Editors
  • Developer Toolbar (in Chrome Browser)

I will let you know everything in more detail below:

Introduction to Javascript

As you are new to javascript, so the first question arises in your mind is, What is javascript? It is quite obvious that you may or may not have heard about this before. But the answer to this question is listed below:

Javascript is a client-side scripting language that runs on web browsers. It was developed by Brendan Eich in 1995.

The javascript was made for the web scripting but nowadays it is widely used in multiple web applications.

Learn Basic Javascript Tutorial – Part 1

Code Editor

It would be best if you have a greater text editor. This provides an easy interface for you to write code.

I have put the top 5 best code editor in my last post (Top 5 Code Editors For Javascript Development).

My recommendation with VS(Visual Basic Code). It is a great editor.

Developer Toolbar (in Chrome Browser)

I would like to introduce with Developer tool. This tool is available on all major browsers. But I will show you the toolbar in chrome Browser.

With this toolbar, we can easily inspect code and layout. This is a great feature of the browser. I am giving you this information because we will be using this option during javascript learning and I think you should know about this.

You can open this bar with Right + Click on the browser screen and choose to inspect option.

Screen – 1


Screen – 2

Console Panel
Console Panel

You will now have a popup open in the bottom of the browser. This popup is named as the developer toolbar.

Right now, we will use a console tab. You have to select the console tab. You can see Hello Javascript printed there.

Following code print this output:

console.log("Hello Javascript");

There are other options. I will share that info in my next tutorial.

Please continue reading.

see you in the next part.