Learn ReactJS for beginners

Learn ReactJS for beginners

It is a great opportunity for you to build your career in ReactJS and as frontend developer. If you have a basic understanding of Javascript, then you can easily adopt Reactjs. Javascript is its core library and hence act as the backbone.

Note: Javascript is required to learn Reactjs.

Learn ReactJS for beginners

What are the benefits of learning Reactjs

If you want to become a Frontend Developer and you don’t know Reactjs or Other JS Frameworks, then it is not good for your professional profile. Now a day it is required that Frontend developer should know at least one of the javascript frameworks.  Without it, you can’t grow in your career. Reactjs is one of the good libraries and it can play a big role in growing your career as a frontend developer.

What can be achieved if you know Reactjs

As you know Reactjs is a very popular javascript library and it is best for Frontend UI development. With this, you can provide better UI solutions to your clients. While working efficiently and showing good character in React development will surely boost your profile and give you great hike in your professional career.

Even If you are a freelancer or self-employed. You can take benefits and get more business for yourself.

How can easily learn Reactjs

As I mentioned above note. You need to know javascript/es6. If you know javascript then Reactjs will be easy learn. There are some basic steps to start learning Reactjs

  1. Need to Know about Reactjs
    You have to read about Reactjs and what sort of applications you can use it to develop.

  2. Need to check system requirements
    You have to check Reactjs dependency. Which tool and systems needed for Reactjs.

  3. Coding Styles
    You have to check the coding style of Reactjs. Every programming or scripting language has its predefined code structure and it is essential to follow coding rule to make best use of framework and write good programs.

  4. Need to know about components
    In Reactjs each page or section divided into components. Each component is a piece of code where we can split the large page into small sections. Reactjs application contains a number of components.

    We are having two type of components in Reactjs. Once is called “Stateless” and other us called “Stateful”. Let’s discuss these below in more detail.

  5. State and Props
    State and props are two major points in Reactjs. Whole application depends upon these two factors.

    State is called a local object which can be used inside a class while Props is a way to use State data outside the scope of class. Let us suppose we have two classes or components in our application. We have defined some states within these classes OR components. 

    Now we know that State is a local object and can only be used inside class or component only. But if we want to use State data outside class then we need to use Props as this is the only way to use local data outside class.

  6. Lifecycle of Reactjs
    These are methods need to understand before writing code OR programs in Reactjs. It is essential to get familiar with work procedure of these methods inside classes and purpose of use of these methods.

    Following are the Reactjs Lifecycle methods.

    1. constructor
    2. render
    3. componentWillMount
    4. componentDidMount
    5. componentWillReceiveProps
    6. shouldComponentUpdate
    7. componentWillUpdate
    8. componentDidUpdate
    9. componentWillUnmount
    10. componentDidCatch

  7. State management Tool
    Redux is a state management tool which is widely used with ReactJS in order to use its states globally. Using Redux we can easily access each state globally. Reactjs has own state but right now there is no feature where we can maintain state globally. So Redux is one of the best options to use with Reactjs.

    You can read about Redux from here https://redux.js.org   
  8. Fetch Api or AxiosJS
    These are libraries to send and receive server response within React application. It works the same way we use AJAX in javascript. Fetch Api is new in javascript and it manage sending and receving of server data quite efficiently. AxiosJS is also a good library to use. It is a third party library. If you want to use these libraries in your react application, just go through with these.    

    Again I am repeating the same lines which I mentioned in my last article (Learn Javascript for beginners)

    1) Do practice always
    2) Make a project
    3) Keep Patience

    You will definitely get success.


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