Should we learn ReactJS?

Should we learn ReactJS?

Should we learn ReactJS? The simple answer is “yes”, Being its superiority and extraordinary features it is obvious why we must learn and build our career in ReactJS. Now a day, it is quite popular. It is essential for every Javascript or Frontend Developer to learn React due to its enhanced features and work methodology.  ReactJS also play a significant role for a backend developer who is proficient in .Net, Java, PHP, Python because it plays a significant role in UI and also it will always be an asset to boost your career.

Should we learn ReactJS?

What kinds of benefits you can take:

If you are new and thinking to start a career in web development, the best option to be a frontend developer with ReactJS. There are numerous opportunities where you can grow up with ReactJS. Being the most competitive JS tech, it is believed that this is the best in the market right now and has a trend to move upward as time passes. Now a day, there is a large opportunity for ReactJS developers and have a number of jobs among small and large scale companies. Another good news is regarding the job ratio of ReactJS and is very high as compared to other Js Frameworks. As per the US data, you can get average payscale $123k per year.

This chart encourages you to start your career as a frontend developer with reactJS.

If you are a thinker you can make own product with Reactjs. It is a big and awesome library. Using React, it is very easy to build your own product and maintain it for a long time. Essentially, there are other options we have which encourages us to learn and grow up with ReactJS

What else we can do with it:

As per my last article where I mentioned JS is the backbone of every web/mobile application. Reactjs is the part of javascript or we can say it subscript of javascript. So anything that we can do with JS is also applicable to ReactJS. It means, with the help of React you can do whatever you want to do in JS. It does not mean you can do black magic and kind of miracles in Reactjs. I just kidding. But I am sure with your mind presence you can make awesome and superior tools and also can do fabulous invent which will be at least some kind of magic or miracles. But I would like to give some ideas of where you can make use of Reactjs. See in the following list:

SPAs( Single Page Applications):

You can build a web app or website with a single page application with great UI. All content will load to a single page using client and server-side rendering.

Native Mobile Applications:

If you are familiar with Reactjs, then you can easily learn React Native framework and make development for Android and Ios Mobile Phones. FYI: React Native is the framework of Mobile App Development. So ReactJS developers easily learn to react native and it is a good thing where you have to learn one library and you can earn 2 type development (Web and Mobile). You can change your profile tag to Web Developer = Web and Mobile App Developer.

Desktop Application:

Here we can use one other option. We can build desktop applications for each OS (Windows, Mac, Linux). Yes, it is true we have to use some of the SDK and tools for making desktop applications. But UI/Frontend will be done by ReactJS.

I think, now we can bring a lot of Offer/Job opportunities for yourself after learning ReactJS. If you think like me, just forgot your doubts about your career and start learning ReactJS.

If you have any queries going forward, you can ask in the comments.

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