Top 5 Code Editors For Javascript Development

Top 5 Code Editors  For Javascript Development

Top 5 Code Editors For Javascript Development. Before going to more details on the topic, I’d like to address my experience of college time in around 2004 when we use Notepad for all sorts of programming practices.

By that time, we wrote many programs using Notepad for Java, Javascript, ASP.NET etc. At that time, we have limited resources like the internet, smart code editors OR IDE and we had limited knowledge about these.

But now a day, everything is changed.

Most of the people are in access of the internet and they have the awareness to search the things. They can easily search for new things and get knowledge about modern technologies. We have a number of options for code editors and IDE. Let’s talk about which one Code Editor or IDE best for javascript and Reactjs.

Let’s first understand what a Code Editor OR IDE is:

Top 5 Code Editors For Javascript Development

What is a Code Editor?

A tool that provides options where we can write content, text, code with the formatting and indentation and is called a Code/text editor. We can use code editor for any programming language and we can write code and store files with an extension. 

What is IDE?

IDE is an Integrated Development Environment. IDE has full features of the code editor and also has intelligence. It does give notifications and warnings if there is something not written properly in code.

Intelligence means, it detects code standards and if those were not followed sometime, it alerts and highlights error at the spot so it increases productivity. It has a lot of advanced features as compared to simple code editors.

Below is a list of my favorite code editors and IDE.

  • VS Code
  • Atom
  • Sublime Text
  • Bracket
  • WebStorm

Let’s find out more about these:

VS Code:

Its Visual Studio Code. It is a simple code editor but has many extensions which made it VS code to IDE.

It is my favorite editor and if you are doing development in javascript then I would like to recommend VS Code. The look and feel of this editor are awesome. The coding style is neat and clean. It is lightweight and it seems like IDE.

It is great in all and is developed by Microsoft.

Available for: Mac, Window, Linux
Licence : Free
Website :


It’s a good code editor. It seems pretty much like the VS Code editor with a slight difference in UI. It is older than VS Code and is developed by Github. This code editor is good for any type of frontend development and javascript development.

Available for: Mac, Window, Linux
Licence : Free
Website :

Sublime Text

This is also one of my favorite code editors. The performance of this editor is too good.

Mostly I used sublime text for PHP and Python development. The major advantage of this editor is its low memory consumption rate which makes it best for backend related code stuff. The editor wrote in python, C++ and made by Sublime HQ.

You can also use this for javascript development. But it has little intelligence thing for javascript as compared to VS Code or Atom. It is used mostly for programming languages.

It is having a paid licence.

Available for: Mac, Window, Linux
Licence : Free


This is again a great code editor for frontend development. The editor is really good for HTML, CSS, Javascript.

It has a built-in live reload feature. This is a unique feature. It creates a difference as compared to other editors. Yes, VS Code and Atom have this feature, but we have to install an extension for them to use this feature. 

It is true this editor not only gives intelligence features for Javascript Framework, but it is also good for Core javascript. We can also open .psd file(Photoshop File) in this editor. it automatically understands and detects design patterns. We can check the font size, box size, and take images of each layer.

It is an awesome feature that helps in the easy conversion of PSD to HTML. It is a product of Adobe Company. But they marked it open source so anyone can download and use Bracket and make their development easier with this great tool.

Available for: Mac, Window, Linux
Licence : Free
Website :


It is a great and smartest javascript IDE. We can say it is an intelligent editor or IDE. It is a paid software, but keeping its support for all modern javascript Frameworks like Reactjs, Angular, Vue and also mobile Frameworks like React Native, Ionic, Phonegap and Server-side development (Nodejs) make it top-ranked in the list of best editors.

If you want to increase your productivity it is the one of IDE which gives you all in one. It has built-in features like Internal terminal panel, Git, Syntax Highlighter, Debugging, Logging, etc. It is a powerful IDE for javascript development and is a product of JetBrains. If you are a professional I encourage you to use it.

Available for: Mac, Window, Linux
Licence : Free
Website :

I mentioned my top 5 code editor/IDE. These all are great tools. As per popularity, I ordered the name of Code Editors.  You can choose any one of them for javascript development or if you have any other tool which is best for you then you can put that name in Comment Box.

Thanks for reading my post.

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