Why is Reactjs So Popular?

Why is Reactjs So Popular?

Why is Reactjs So Popular? Before I start explaining, let’s check some facts about ReactJS. It is a JS library developed by Facebook. React was created by Jordan Walke, a software engineer at Facebook. It can be used for the development of single-page web applications or mobile applications. This JavaScript library is used for creating interactive user interfaces.

ReactJS is widely used now a day and most of the clients want to develop their projects in it. Most developers who are already masters in ReactJS know why it is so popular among clients. Recently Microsoft has officially announced ‘React Native for Windows‘.  That’s the good news for React Native and ReactJS developers. By the way, there are many reasons behind the popularity of ReactJS. I’ll share a few of them.

Why is Reactjs So Popular?

Below are some of the reasons why React becomes so popular.

  1. Virtual DOM
  2. JSX 
  3. Component
  4. Freedom of code
  5. ES6 
  6. Easy to Learn, Easy to maintain 
  7. Single Page Application
  8. Server-Side Rendering 
  9. Strong and Large Community

Virtual DOM

It is a lightweight JavaScript object named as virtual DOM which is simply a copy of the Real DOM. A virtual DOM object has the same properties as a real DOM object, but it does not show directly on the screen. That means virtual DOM can’t update real DOM directly.


JSX is a preprocessor step that adds XML syntax to javascript. It can be also referred to as a template engine of ReactJS. With JSX we can write javascript, HTML code together and that’s a good thing.


ReactJS has no own structure. But with the help of components, we can create or design the structure itself. Here we can split a whole page into multiple components. The good thing is that in this way we can reuse this component anywhere within the application. This makes the uniqueness of ReactJS which makes the best feature of it. This means we can write code in one place and that can be used in multiple places and hence make it reusable. 

Freedom of code

Freedom of code, by this I mean to say that without any fear we can write code to any component or file and as I said earlier we can just import that component and reuse it. If you have code flexibility and freedom inside any framework, then that’s an extraordinary framework or library and you choose the right one.


ES6 is an ECMAScript 6. React is using ES6. ES6 is great and we can say it is a version of modern javascript. With ES6 we can write an object-oriented javascript code. We can use classes, constructors, etc as we did in other programming languages like Java, C, C++, PHP, etc. 

Easy to Learn, Easy to maintain

That is 100% true. If you are familiar with javascript then you can learn ReactJS very easily. It’s quite simple for everyone and will take little time to learn and implement simple code to enhance skills. It also requires minimum supervision for the maintenance of the project.

Single Page Applications

ReactJS is best for single page applications. SPAs are great where users can load application data without reloading the whole screen on each click within pages. Due to this web app or website quickly load on small devices and smartphones as well. This is a major reformation that claims the popularity of this framework.

Server-Side Rendering

I will write a full article on SSR(Server Side Rendering) and CSR(Client Side Rendering).  But I would like to give a little description of this. Most of the framework only using CSR, it means they render data on screen by client side. But ReactJS uses both CSR and SSR features. It can also render data directly by server-side as like PHP, Java or other languages does that.  It means with SSR, you can see all HTML rendered using page source as well inspector which is pretty handy for SEO purposes but under CSR it only shows js file instead of HTML rendered if we look into the source code.

Strong and Large Community

One of the best reasons for becoming ReactJS popularity is due to the backbone provided by Facebook, which is a big brand and it also has a strong community.   

I think everyone who has some interest in javascript and want to make some development in ReactJS should learn ReactJS. Let’s learn and earn. Enjoy with Javascript.


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